Next Steps

Because of the amount of appraisal requests we get every day, we offer two options for determining if your stamp collection qualifies for our free expert appraisal, purchase offer, free paid shipping label to send us your collection, or if we can travel to you. 

*If you are approved for an appraisal or purchase offer and you live in the Fresno, CA area – we will invite you to meet at our office location.


Provide us with some catalogue numbers of your best stamps. CLICK HERE


Send us some photos of your collection.
If you don't know the catalogue numbers of your stamps, you can send us some photos. Just a few photos will give us a good idea of the type of collection you have. You can take photos of large groupings of stamps at a time to get the most variety within your photos.

Photo Sending Options:

  • Email photos to
  • Text message photos to (559) 801-8026
    (This number receives text messages only)


If you have any further questions you can visit our Help & Support page.


Why We're The Best

Because we're the #1 ranked dealer on Google, we pay up to 20% more than other dealers because we're able to move our inventory faster.

Depending on the size of the collection, we can issue payment the same day! Our turnaround times are the fastest in the industry. 

We have the most modern and user-friendly website in the stamp dealing business. Our founder has a degree in web design! 


Customer Reviews

"I've been buying and selling stamps for over 30 years. This was by far the easiest process for getting an appraisal I've experienced." 

Jim McKinnley
Provo, UT

"West Coast gave me almost double the offer for my stamps than the quotes I got from some of the other online dealers..." 

Shelly Trittler
Norfolk, VA

"...they are quick and helpful. I received a reply back within minutes, and I received payment for my collection the same day they received it!"

Dustin Shaw
Midland, TX